Rider Operated Fork Lift Truck (In-House)

General information

Lift trucks are widely used for moving materials and goods, but they are involved in about a quarter of all workplace transport accidents. The deaths and injuries caused can ruin lives and businesses. Even when an incident does not cause injury, it can still mean costly damage to lift trucks, buildings, fittings and goods. (HSE)

Obligation to provide basic training

Employers should not allow anyone to operate, even on a very occasional basis, who have not satisfactorily completed basic training and testing as described in the Approved Code of Practice L117 (ACoP), except for those undergoing such training under adequate supervision

Specific job training

Specific job training is combined with basic training and will be tailored to the employer's particular needs. A certificate will be issued to confirm that a candidate has undertaken appropriate training under the Approved Code of Practice and guidance L117. In accordance with best practice the certification will last for a period of three years. We are able to provide in-house specific job refresher training.


In order to meet the requirements of ACoP L117 instruction will be carried out by a certified trainer who holds an ITSSAR Lift Truck Operator accreditation.

Scorpion Safety Ltd currently only offers in-house specific job training however, if you require off site, accredited training or simply have a question then please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

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